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Hello and welcome to my website. I have been making a living as a professional bassist for over 20 years now.  It’s my desire to use my talent and the experience that I have gained to assist you in making your next recording project the best that it can possibly be.  Especially on the low end.

During the past 20 years, I’ve played bass on over 130 Southern Gospel and Country projects.  I’ve also been blessed to play for a few videos, commercial music background, and a couple of different Vacation Bible School curriculum.  Each and every session has been a joy and privilege for me to be a part of.  I also do a lot of “live” shows in the Music Show Capital of the United States, Branson Missouri.   I typically play over 220 live Branson Shows, and 160 Church and Ministry related events per year.  As a pro bass player, I try to stay up with as many different styles as possible in the modern world of music.We all have strengths and passions.  I believe my strength is Pop, Country, and Gospel Music.  Those three areas, indeed cover a lot of stylistic ground.  Many of the “live” Branson Shows I play on incorporate much of today’s Pop styles in them;  from 80’s Rock, Disco, and Power Ballad,  Branson has always been known, especially for the live Country Music Shows.  As a player, whether in Branson, or Nashville, it’s essential to learn this wonderful American Music genre, that  is deceptively simple, but honestly; it’ about feel, groove, time and pocket.  That leads us to Gospel Music!  Such a wide variety of musical styles are included under the umbrella termed Gospel Music.”   From the amazing tight harmonies of the great American Church Choirs, such as Mississippi Mass Choir, Chicago Mass Choir, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, the late and great Rev. James Moore, and from my hometown of Metro St Louis, the Rev. Cleophus Robinson.  Robinson merged Soul and R&B to the great Gospel Spirituals and Hymns of the south.  Gospel Music also includes traditional, contemporary, modern Praise and Worship, and upbeat Southern Gospel.  I’m sure I’m preaching to the Choir, because if you are looking at this website, you already have a knowledge  of all of this, no doubt.  But Gospel Music is more than just a style, IT’S A MESSAGE.  A message of eternal life through the Death , Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  New life in Christ is the basis for the Message of Gospel Music. (I Corinthians 15:1-6)


So take a moment, look around the website, and let me know if there is any way I can assist you in making your next musical project the best you’ve ever recorded.  Whether you are a solo artist, songwriter, arranger, producer, Worship Pastor, or creating background music for a video project, I’m here ready to assist you. Thank you for stopping by! 

Bob Roth

Projects I've Played On

Studio Sessions

Ascension Quartet, 

John Ashcroft –

US Attorney General/

Mo Governor

Joan Harris Atwater/ Vocalist

Rachel Dancsok –

(Canadian Gospel Artist)

Daybreak/ Artist

Larry DeLawder/ Gospel Artist

Gene Farrington/ Gospel Artist

Barbara Fairchild/ Country Artist

Max Bacon Family

Gospel Express

Aven Grace/ Canadian Gospel Artist

Rev Steve Garner/ Gospel Artist

Rick Hargrove/ Keyboard Artist

Judy Hartley/ Gospel Artist

Billy Hale/ Gospel Artist

Heart Beat/ Gospel Group

Amanda Haffecke/ Country Artist

Celisa Harris/ Gospel Artist

Horsecreek/ Bluegrass Group

Brittany Howard/ Gospel Artist

Cookie Johnson – 

(Gospel Artist & Songwriter)

Penny Buhr Johnson –

(Canadian Gospel Artist)

Joe Knight –

(Keyboard Artist & Songwriter)

Laymen Quartet

Wanda Lee –

(Canadian Gospel Artist)

Jessie Rhoades Lockwood –

(Gospel Artist)

Mark Mathes Family/ Gospel Artist

Becki Moss/ Country Artist

Christi Mynatt/ Country Gospel Artist

New Horizons/ Gospel Group

Renewed Quartet

Danny Rhoades/ Saxophone Artist

Jay Sawyer –

(Harmonica Player & Singer)

Earl Smith/ Gospel Artist

The Yorks/ Gospel Group



Answers In Genesis/ VBS Curriculum

Assemblies of God

Baptist Bible Fellowship International

Regular Baptist Press/ VBS Curriculum

Briarcliff Studios

John Deere

Lovelight International Ministries

Music Precedent

Nazarene Media

Premier Studios

Live Shows

Max Bacon Family

Branson Brothers/ Country Artist

Cumberland Quartet

Crossway Baptist Church Choir

Barbara Fairchild/ Country Artist

Dearbhail Finnegan-

(Irish Musical Artist Harpist)

Doug Gabriel/ Branson Artist

High Street Baptist Church Choir

Wayne Horsburgh –

(Australian Country Artist)

Joe Knight –

(Keyboard Artist & Songwriter)

Laymen Quartet

McKeithen Family/ Gospel Artist

New Horizons –

(Gospel Group)

New South –

(Country and Gospel Quartet

Branson Artist)

Second Baptist Church –

(Choir and Orchestra)

Earl Smith/ Gospel Artist

The Texans/ Gospel Group

Debbie Toovey/ Gospel Artist

Barry Williams –

(T.V. Actor and Singer)



Missouri Baptist Convention

Hershend Family Entertainmen

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